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Emmer Zecna

About Emmer Zecna


Who Are We?

We’re a brand for every modern man. We want to make simple, everyday clothes stylish, tailored with smart benefits and performance features for men to go forth and make the best of each day.

No bras and panties allowed! This is our story, what’s yours?

Workwear for Everywhere


Our menswear have all the features that every modern Malaysian man needs. 

Emmer Zecna has a collection of short and long sleeve cotton shirts for men. We have shirts that are made from cotton, designed to withstand regular washing. Our pants and khakis are also made from the same durable material, making a great fit last longer. 

Best of all, it’s made of breathable fabric which is sweat absorbent, perfect for Malaysia’s hot weather. We have a wide selection of modern, regular, or slim fit designs. Menswear has never been more comfortable.

Our fabric is mixed with natural cotton yarn, highly capable of preventing your shirt’s and pant’s colours from fading quickly.

Throw away your worries about your clothes shrinking in size, our material is also ‘shrink-proof’ – perfectly suitable for multiple washes. We have a variety of menswear designs for you such as: modern, regular, or slim fit clothings.

For busy Malaysian men, we’ve designed quick drying formal shirts, pants, and khakis to fit your hustle and bustle lifestyle.

All our menswear can be worn as fast as the next day after washing. This allows you to wear them to your office, job interview, or formal events comfortably. Our quick drying shirts come in a variety of short and long sleeve designs for your choosing.

High maintenance is not in our vocabulary. Our menswear are designed for easy care, so that Malaysian men can go about their daily business without worrying about the way they dress.

Our shirts and pants are extremely versatile for multiple occasions: work wear, formal events, meetings, and attending weddings. Regardless of the occasion, Emmer Zecna accompanies you wherever you go.

We developed bamboo fabric clothing specifically for Malaysian men. softest and most comfortable fabric you’ll ever find that is great for both work and play.

Over 2,000 men have given our bamboo fabric shirt 5-star reviews. Try it for yourself, you’ll fall in love with the way it feels.  Please click here to browse our Bamboo Clothes 

We have a wide collection of stretchable fabric shirts and pants. They adapt to the wearer’s movements and have a unique ability to spring back to its natural state, regardless of whichever way you stretch.

This also keeps your shirt and pants neat and tidy throughout the entire day. Dress smart and presentable with our menswear without worrying about how you look at an office meeting.

To save you hours from tirelessly ironing your shirt, we’ve designed all our formal shirts to be easy iron.

They’re tailored for simplicity and practical work wear because we hate creases on shirts as much as the everyday Malaysian man. Spend less time at the ironing board, and more time pursuing your individual goals.

Emmer Zecna has the best breathable shirts for hot weather countries like Malaysia. Travel to work or formal events with ease, comfortably dressed in our menswear.

Our shirt and pants have a breathable layer to release trapped heat and moisture, and adapts well to any weather condition. Say goodbye to bad body odour on your clothings forever.

Normal black isn’t good enough. Our shirts are dyed with Jet Black – the darkest black – and have a metallic finish. Darker, richer and more intense than normal black, it’s what you need to stand out from the pack.

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