Accessories & Traditional Wear

Proudly acknowledge your Malaysian heritage by wearing traditional wear such as baju Melayu or batik clothes. We have many choices of traditional clothes for your choosing.

Emmer Zecna also sells a collection of men’s accessories that are affordable and comfortable. Our most popular men’s accessories at our online shopping store are ties and blazers.


Our neckties come in a colourful range of designs. We have plain and minimalistic ties, and others that are beautifully embroidered with patterns. Browse for Emmer Zecna’s complete collection of men’s neckties today.


Emmer Zecna’s blazer goes well with both classic denim jeans or slacks. Wear it as a casual blazer for dinner at a fancy restaurant, or formal office events. Look slick, stay smart, and dress with style today.

Traditional Wear

We have many choices of modern and traditional baju Melayu for your choosing. Our fabric is soft and smooth, which comfortably hugs the skin of the wearer to prevent skin irritations or any discomfort.

Batik Shirts

Own a new pair of Emmer Zecna’s batik shirt. Our designs are available from traditional to modern Malaysian batik shirts, all thoughtfully designed with colourful and beautiful patterns to complement different skin tones.

Other Categories

Pants & Trousers