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Emmer Zecna’s pants and trousers are specially made for everyday men living in Malaysia, both young and old.

We want this to be a great online shopping experience for all men. So, we’ve designed many different slacks and khaki pants that are available in modern, regular, or slim fit designs. They’re perfect for office wear, smart casual events, or job interviews.

These slacks and pants are easy iron, quick drying and highly stretchable, perfectly comfortable for any occasion. They’re also made from sweat absorbent fabric, great for hot and humid countries like Malaysia.

Our khaki pants comfortably hug the wearer’s body because of its soft and stretchable fabric. It’s stretchable enough to spring back into its original state easily.

Best of all, they are versatile for almost any occasion. Try on a new pair of Emmer Zecna’s khaki pants today.


Tailored to perfection, Emmer Zecna’s slacks are made for comfort and affordability in mind.

The fabric is soft and stretchable enough for the wearer to move about, without causing any wrinkles. You can now look smart, slick, and tidy at the same time. Check out all our slacks now.

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