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Emmer Zecna

All You Need To Know About Bamboo Clothing Malaysia

Are you tired from wearing shirts that feel plasticky, uncomfortable and hold a smell? So were we!

Emmer Zecna puts comfortability first and wants uneasiness the last thing every man worries about while staying stylish. This is why we have developed a high-performance Bamboo Fabric Shirts Collection that will stand the test of time for both work and play among Malaysian men like you.

Like a second skin, these easy-iron shirts feel incredibly soft on the skin and have won us over 2,000 5-star reviews, and without a doubt, the number is still piling up to this day.

In addition, our lightweight and breathable Bamboo Fabric Shirts is a go-anywhere, do-anything formal and casual shirt for men that provides sun protection as well.

Without further ado, we would like to enlighten you with the benefits of this Bamboo Fabric, and we will be looking at our stylish collection of Bamboo Clothing Malaysia.

Reasons Why You Need Bamboo Fabric Shirts

You don’t have to sacrifice being chic for comfort. Our Bamboo Fabric Shirts Collection comes with a classic formal and casual shirt for men made from the fastest-growing plants in the world.

Besides its unparalleled comfort, this Bamboo Fabric is an innovation of performance fabric that gained immense popularity in the world of men’s fashion whilst offering multiple benefits for you when you put on a sustainable bamboo short sleeve shirt.

Long-term Freshness & Heat Regulator

Bamboo Fabric offers superb ventilation thanks to its microscopic holes of bamboo fibres, keeping you fresh all day long. Unlike synthetic fibres, the moisture repelling and quick-dry properties in your

Bamboo Fabrics Shirts will help you from getting suffocated and uncomfortable while wearing them. All in all, it is an ideal fabric for the hot and humid weather in Malaysia and other tropical countries.

Buttery Soft Sensation & Stretchy Material

Nothing can compare to the softness offered by the Bamboo Fabric. Besides feeling wonderfully comfy against your skin, the high-quality softness brings you a high-quality feel that is softer than silk and cashmere.

Besides, your Bamboo Fabric Shirts are extremely flexible, offering greater mobility and making your active daily activities at ease without feeling restricted.

Anti-odour & Sweat Resistant Properties

Our Bamboo Fabrics that made up our high-quality collection is meant to be worn all day with no stink. It is a natural odour resistant fabric as it won’t trap the stench of sweat in hot, humid environments.

The moisture-wicking Bamboo Fabric Shirts put your worries of being in unpleasant odours at bay, as it absorbs up to 70% more moisture than cotton textiles.

Natural & Effective UV Protection

Every piece of our Bamboo Fabric Shirt is designed for all-day sun protection. This sustainable fabric provides you with natural sun protection thanks to the bamboo fibres that filter up to 97.5% of harmful UV rays, which can be potentially dangerous for your skin following prolonged exposure to sunlight amid hot days.

Crease Resistance & Easy To Keep

The Bamboo Fabric Collection is made up of easy-care shirts that are almost impossible to wrinkle, even after frequent washing.

Moreover, this fabric is very easy to care for, and you can wash it in cold water without the need to use any softener as compared to other fabrics or textiles. However, if you wish to iron your Bamboo fabric shirts, you can do so with a lower temperature whenever you need.

Hypoallergenic & Anti-bacterial

If you have sensitive skin and are prone to have skin allergies, then our Bamboo Fabric Shirts will be an ideal choice for you when it comes to everyday formal or casual wear.

This is because this fabric does not treat with chemicals to obtain artificial performance qualities as compared to other fabrics or textiles, thus making it safe even for the most sensitive skin with harsh skin conditions such as eczema.



Bamboo Fabric Shirts Malaysia For Men

Emmer Zecna has reimagined your favourite easy-care shirts and brings every man the Bamboo Fabric Shirts Collection for a modern fit tailored for men like you.

Say goodbye to your average shirt and enjoy the best combo of classy and comfort all in one stylish Bamboo Fabric Shirt.

Function meets style in this fresh collection is designed for every indoorsman or outdoorsman, making you feel stylishly confident day-in and day-out. Discover some of our best-selling Bamboo Fabric Shirts for the ultimate comfort.

Plaid, Check & Plain Bamboo Fabric Shirts By Emmer Zecna

Introducing our timeless classic shirt collection meets modern and high-performance Bamboo Fabrics that you will never take off. This collection comes with formal or casual shirt for men in our best-selling cuttings besides being super-soft and breathable, making you reach for it again and again. Warning: getting one will make you want to buy other colours and cuttings in this collection!

  1. Dark & Light Plaid Patterns Bamboo Fabric Shirts

Colours play an important part in expressing emotions and conveying impressions via the OOTD you wore on that particular day. Let’s dive deep into how both dark and light shades of our Plaid Patterns Bamboo Fabric Shirts for men associate with certain personalities or feelings. What’s more, you can put it on anywhere with confidence, taking you from work to weekends.

  1. Graph Check Patterns Bamboo Fabric Shirts

Our Graph Check Patterns Bamboo Fabric Shirts are made up with evenly spaced grids and thin lines resembling graph paper.

This “box check” or “graph check” shirt design is conservative and office appropriate, making these Bamboo Fabric Shirts suitable for men as formal office wear. Furthermore, they are engineered for mobility and keep you protected from harmful UV rays. Just pair these Graph Check Patterns Bamboo Fabric Shirts with chino shorts or trousers, and you’re all set for office days!

  1. Long Sleeve Bamboo Fabric Formal Shirts

We bring you the ultimate Long Sleeve Formal Shirts Collection created from the wrinkle-resistant Bamboo Fabric that absorbs moisture immediately, keeping you cool in long sleeves garments while staying stylish and chic.

These Long Sleeve Bamboo Fabric Formal Shirts for men are suitable for all ages in formal settings, such as your convocation day, wedding ceremony, interview appointments and even during your normal office days. In addition, our formal shirts come in both cutting or fitting – Modern Fit Formal Shirt and Slim Fit Formal Shirt.


How To Care For Bamboo Fabrics

Rest assured we sourced premium quality Bamboo Fabric that is durable even in multiple washes because we know you will always reach for your Bamboo Fabric Shirts from your wardrobe.

Besides an exclusive collar interlining and shirt armholes with lining, every stylish piece from this easy-iron shirts collection is very simple to care for and look after.


  1. Washing

Normally wash your Bamboo Fabric Shirts rather than dry cleaning them with a gentle wash cycle without the need of bleach, as it may cause yellowing.

If you have the habit of hand washing your clothes, rinse well and prevent the leftover soap from build-up.


  1. Drying

Line drying your Bamboo Fabric Shirts like your other garments under the sun. You can machine dry them but it is best to not overdo it as over-drying may cause damages to the fabrics.


  1. Ironing

Bamboo Fabric Shirts are wrinkle resistant. However, if you have the routine of ironing your garments, you can use a dry iron without the steam function at a low setting. Avoid high temperatures ironing as it may scorch the bamboo fabrics.


An Eco-Conscious & Fashionable Decision

More and more stylish men are upgrading their wardrobe staples with Bamboo Fabric clothing. Besides being eco-conscious and staying fashionable, you can now have the best of both worlds while staying comfortable in our soft Bamboo Fabric Shirts.

The excellent quality of formal and casual shirt for men from Emmer Zecna deserves great popularity among our customers, and this collection is a big hit in the fashion world of Bamboo Clothing Malaysia.





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