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H1: The Power of Formal Menswear & Its Influence on Productivity




You might have grown up hearing old wise quotes like “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, when it comes to your working life, this is far from the truth. It’s best not to underestimate the power of putting on a good piece of formal menswear such as short or long sleeve shirts! Whether a man or a woman, dressing up for work in formal clothing will help ones to radiate an image of confidence and self-respect. In return, dressing for success motivates you to really “get out there”, “get it done”, and so much more.


At Emmer Zecna, we believe that dressing professionally is the key to enhancing work productivity and performance, regardless of the job title! So we are bringing all working adults the latest formal menswear collection made with the comfiest yet well-tailored bamboo fabric. Before we give you a glimpse of our formal shirt for men, let’s look into the impact upon productivity at work when you dress up for success, and how to do so without hassle!




H2: Dress for Success: A Good Formal Shirt Affects Productivity


It is not vanity at all if you want to dress up for success! From job interviews to working days in the corporate world, dressing professionally affects not only how others perceive you but also how you perceive yourself. Not convinced yet? Here’s a list of reasons why you should put on proper formal attire in your workplace!


H3: A Proper Formal Outfit Creates Good First Impression

Leave a mark on someone’s mind, especially when it comes to meeting managers who are hiring or making promotion decisions. In fact, your appearance is often the first thing they notice the moment you step into the office space! Moreover, what you wear to work helps to speak volumes about your work personality whilst adding layers of credibility with others. Overall, a good first impression often leads to good things and, eventually – self-confidence.


H3: The Right Formal Wear Boosts Self-Confidence

Putting on a neat set of formal wear helps send the message that you are a confident person. Apart from how others perceive you as an employee, colleague or agent, appropriate workwear is a way to express respect for yourself. So it’s time to grasp the everyday opportunities to perform at your best with the help of formal attire! And when you leave a good first impression alongside a boost in confidence, here comes productivity!


H3: Formal Clothing Promotes Work Productivity & Professionalism

With a good first impression and your growing confidence in formal wear, you will be perceived as a more capable, well-organized person! In addition to a dress code in place, you will look more motivated with your hands-on task. As a result, you are more mentally geared to focus and stay productive throughout the day. What’s more, dressing professionally brings a sense of belonging to your professional workplace.




H2: 4 Simple Ways to Dress for Success & Stand out at Work


Whether you like it or not, your working attire communicates! They reflect who you are and influence your overall performance at work. So dress for the job you want! Your ability to succeed is in your hands, starting with investment in quality formal menswear. Discover how you can dress for success and feel as good as you look.


H3: Stick to Timeless Button-up Collared Shirts

A few sets of business shirts can go a long way! Building your professional wardrobe with some basic coloured button-up collared shirts is a great start. What’s more, you get to mix and match these staple shirts with tracksuits, a tie, or any other pieces for everyday professional looks.


H3: Prioritise your own Comfort over Fashion Trends

Bear in mind! Choosing comfort over what’s trendy is always a good idea! If your formal clothing is in a bad fit or too tight, It often leads to discomfort, which then affects your productivity. The mantra is to look as simple as possible when it comes to a professional business outfit.


H3: A Good Pair of Shoes can Amp-up your Whole Look

One of the most popular formal footwear of all – oxfords. Elegantly designed with integrated laces, a pair of oxfords in neutral colours enhance your whole look instantly. It is vital to ensure that these must-have pairs of formal shoes for men are comfortable to walk in, especially when your work requires you to walk out and about.


H3: Take Care of Personal Hygiene & Stay Well-groomed 

Your personal grooming or hygiene is just as important as the formal clothes you choose. By keeping yourself clean, neat and shaved, your appearance will exude a more professional outlook as compared to those who don’t. You’re one step ahead of workplace success if the company’s dress code and personal hygiene are well taken care of.




H2: Bamboo Fabric Shirts: Your Formal Wear with a “Cool” Twist


Loot at your best and perform at your best – made easy with Emmer Zecna’s bamboo fabric shirts! Be it during an interview session or throughout your workday, project appropriate images day-to-day with us whilst staying “cool”. Comes in both short and long sleeves with 7 basic colours in total; every modern man in Malaysia can easily carry these formal collared shirts into one’s everyday work life. Here, we are going to take a deeper look into the “fit” and the “fabric” of Emmer Zecna’s bamboo fabric shirts!


H3: Modern Fit: Button-up Shirt that Keeps you in Style

Our latest formal shirt collection for men is made to fit all modern working men comfortably whilst giving off an on-trend image. Emmer Zecna’s short and long sleeves shirts in modern fit conform a bit closer to your body than the classic fit. However, the close-fitting look does not constrict your body at all. You can put your worries of feeling restricted at bay as it does not snug your body as tightly to the body as a slim fit cut.


H3: Bamboo Fabric: A Comfy yet an Eco-friendly Choice 

The Emmer Zecna’s formal shirts are made with bamboo mix polyester fabric, and it’s the ideal shirt for Malaysia’s hot and humid weather! How so? Well, bamboo fabrics of any kind are famous for their breathable features! Imagine without getting real sweating or irritated, bamboo fabric menswear made it possible for a more comfortable you and a much more productive day. In addition, it’s soft enough for you to move around without restrictions.




H2: Why Wearing Bamboo Shirt in & out of Work is a Good Idea?


Bamboo fabric clothing is nothing short of a blessing! A blessing for a more comfortable you, a blessing for the fashion industry, and a blessing for mother earth. Apart from keeping you feeling good and soft to the touch, this eco-friendly fabric has some remarkable qualities!


H3: Why Do You Need to Start Wearing Bamboo?

Not convinced about bamboo fabrics yet? Here is a longgg list of amazing reasons why you should invest in bamboo fabric clothing next time!


  • Breathable & Heat Insulating
  • Lightweight
  • Soft to the Touch & on Skin
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Easy to Care & Iron
  • Protection against UV Rays
  • Hypoallergenic & Non-Irritating
  • Eco-friendly




H2: Bamboo Fabric Formal Shirt: Menswear Made for All Gentlemen


Dressing professionally not merely reflects your outer self, but it is undoubtedly linked to your inner self. A neat set of formal wear is respect for the workplace and, most importantly, respect for yourself. Build your professional wardrobe with Emmer Zecna’s short or long sleeve shirts, and enjoy a surge of self-esteem in no time. Remember, the world’s your stage, including your workplace. So put on your favourite workplace attire from Emmer Zecna and showcase that most professional side of you. Dress the part and shine (comfortably) in our bamboo fabric shirts! Are you ready to refresh your professional wardrobe? Shop here!





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