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Why You Should Buy Clothes According To Functionalities?


In general, consumers will only look into the quality and price when it comes to choosing and purchasing clothing items such as formal wear. In spite of this, selecting clothing items according to the criterion of quality is a rather grey area as there are several aspects to look into that will change your overall comfort that Emmer Zecna prioritises. We bring Malaysian men a high-quality collection of Baju Melayu, Kurta Top, formal and casual shirts that are perfect for the hot weather in Malaysia. Besides putting your overall comfort as our top priority, Emmer Zecna brings stylish men like you the convenience to buy business shirt online according to functionalities. This is because we know that finding ideal clothes can be a challenging task for many men. So, how can exploring clothing items based on their properties or functionalities benefit you?


By choosing formal and casual shirt for men online according their functionalities, you are able to:

1.Reach & Enjoy Maximum Comfort

You get to delight in comfort and ease when wearing the clothing you choose according to functionalities. For instance, if you are always on the go in hot and humid weather, you should buy Breathable or Quick Drying shirts, avoiding you from getting suffocated and uncomfortable while wearing them.

2. Cater To Your Attire Requirements 

Are you in need of something to wear for a formal occasion such as convocation and wedding? If so, a formal blazer with functionality such as Jet Black in colour will be suitable for ceremonial events and will make you look professional and dapper more than ever.

 3.Accommodate Your Laundry Habit

In this fast paced world, 24 hours a day seems short for most working adults these days. Thus, purchasing a Quick Drying or Easy Iron formal and casual shirt for men will save your time throughout your laundry cleaning, drying and ironing sessions.

 4. Economical & Cost-saving 

Do you move around a lot and need something flexible in your daily tasks and activities? Well, when it comes to clothes browsing, you should buy a business shirt online with Stretchable or in Bamboo Fabric that will offer you greater mobility and ensure less restriction during your active daily activities.




Clothing Functionalities of Formal & Casual Shirt Malaysia

Stop letting your clothes and outfits decide who you are! We want to help you in deciding your clothing choice for yourself. In this article, we will be taking a detailed look at the 9 clothing functionalities of the formal and casual shirt collection by Emmer Zecna, which can be categorised into 5 aspects as below:

  1. Material

Apart from your go-to colours, you should take the clothing material into account when you are upgrading your wardrobe with our formal or casual shirt collection. With so many materials in the industry of men’s fashion, people tend to have different tastes when it comes to choosing the material they wish to put on. Some materials are much more durable, cooling or soft when others are not. Emmer Zecna provides stylish men like you with 3 types of fabric materials for your choosing, namely the Cotton Mix, 100& Cotton and Bamboo Fabric.

Cotton Mix Fabric

The blended fabrics of cotton and other materials such as polyester fibres allow you to get the best of both worlds – the cooling cotton and durable polyester. This mix increases the durability of your clothing pieces, thus lengthening their wardrobe lives. And with that, you may wash our cotton mix Kurta Top, formal and casual shirts more often without the need to worry about your clothes losing their durability as fast as other types of garments.

100% Cotton

Cotton is one of the softest materials for garments, and it is not abrasive or harsh on your skin, making it the perfect fabric for you to put on. Besides, a 100% cotton shirt does not lose its shape or cling to your body shapelessly. The breathable nature of the cotton allows you to relax in a tropical country such as Malaysia, beneficial for people with sensitive skin in avoiding skin reactions such as rashes.

Bamboo Fabric

Besides its unparalleled comfort, the bamboo fabric is an innovation of performance fabric that gained immense popularity in the world of men’s fashion. Bamboo fabric shirts offer you great ventilation for a hot day, making your daily activities a relaxed one without feeling sticky and uncomfortable. Our bamboo fabric formal and casual shirt for men is designed for all-day sun protection as well.

  1. Efficiency

The materials that made up your formal or casual shirt determines the efficiency of drying, caring and ironing. These laundry activities have great impacts towards daily routine, especially among working adults. Hence, in order to avoid wasting a big chunk of your time, you should put the fabric efficiency in drying, caring and ironing into considerations. Emmer Zecna has categorised the formal and casual shirt for men into 3 properties, namely the Quick Drying, Easy Care and Easy Iron.

Quick Drying

Our quick-drying Baju Melayu, formal and casual shirts that possess a better wicking property are constructed for men that work under hot conditions, overcoming awkward sweat stains and avoiding trapping of odours. Soaking with sweat will make you feel the heat of warm days, making you more annoyed and stressed than ever. Furthermore, our quick-drying shirt collection will dry fast enough to wear it again after laundry, making it easy for you if you found out that there is a need to put on that particular shirt again the following day.

Easy Care

Buying clothes that are easy to care for can save your time whilst keeping your wardrobe looking fabulous. Our easy-care formal or casual shirt collection reduces the risk of your clothes getting damaged. You are able to save time without the need to separate your easy-care clothing pieces from the rest of your clothes on your laundry day. Another advancement in the field of easy-care garments is stain-resistant, so you can get rid of stains easily if you accidentally spilt something on your shirts.

Easy Iron

You can stay looking neat and sharp wearing our easy iron shirt as you go about your day even when you are busy. Your clothes will stay wrinkle-free after being worn for quite some time throughout your busy day. Say goodbye to unsightly wrinkles and creases when you place your easy iron garments such as our Baju Melayu Cekak Musang in your suitcase, giving you the utmost peace of mind when travelling. Simplify your life and maintain our easy iron shirts collection easily.

  1. Durability

Emmer Zecna brings all men like you a stretchable formal and casual modern outfit as it is ideal in keeping you comfortable and not restricted on any occasion. The stretchable material that made up your fashionable shirt allows you to bend and move your body more easily for a long period of time. It is worth your investment that pays off in the long run as you need not worry about it losing its flexibility over time due to high-durability.

  1. Comfort

Highly breathable garments allow air circulation amid hot and humid environments. With such ventilation, chic men like you can stay fashionable without the need to sacrifice comfortability. Our breathable formal or casual shirt collection can help you from overheating and getting all sweaty throughout your day. When you are comfortable or relax in your breathable clothing, you will gain confidence and a boost in productivity when tackling tasks. Emmer Zecna ensures the breathable clothing is suitable for those who are prone to skin allergies as well.

  1. Identity

The colour of your clothes makes life not only meaningful but also beautiful. Everyone has their own colour of preference when it comes to fashion, but a basic black garment is more than enough to make you look dashing and resonates well in formal occasions such as convocations or weddings. Additionally, our jet-black blazer will complement your natural complexion completely. Moreover, due to its versatility, you are able to layer the Emmer Zecna jet-black blazer with any colour of your choice to create a stunning outfit.


Shop By Functionality Makes Life Easy

Even though it may seem like an easy activity, a lot comes into play when selecting an ideal formal or casual shirt according to your needs, requirements and laundry habits. Instead of wasting time researching one by one, Emmer Zecna has categorised our formal or casual shirts for men according to functionalities, bringing you a sense of convenience when buying a business shirt online and saving your precious time.


It is important to observe the fabric materials of the shirts you have been eyeing on, as they will determine your garments efficiency in drying, caring and ironing.


What’s more, by choosing a formal and casual shirt for men online according to their functionalities, you are able to maximize your comfort while staying modish and fashionable. You are in for a treat! Head onto Emmer Zecna product page now and browse high-quality batik shirts Malaysia, Baju Melayu Tradisional, formal and casual shirt for men at the best deals.






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